When I was a young girl, I would always volunteer to take anyone’s photograph. Whether it were a point and shoot camera, or a disposable camera. I was your girl! As I got older, I found myself taking photos of anything I possibly could.

As I entered college, I enrolled in a mandatory photography class for Graphic Design. Here, they required us to purchase an SLR camera. From there, I was hooked. I loved learning the tips and tricks of film photography.

Then enter the digital era. Sure, I had several “point and shoot” digital cameras. But when I purchased my first DSLR, it changed everything for me. I’ve spent the past eight years honing on my photography with my various DSLRs, equipment, post processing techniques, and networking with a variety of people.

I’ve met many unique people from all walks of life. Such as many families, friends, colleagues, aspiring models, other talented photographers, makeup artists, designers, and so much more!

My goal is to make everyone I encounter comfortable. I smile, laugh, and generally have a great time during a shoot!

My loves, likes, and interests are:

  1. Photography (duuuuuhhhh) 😀
  2. Cooking
  3. Gaming
  4. Spending time with family and friends
  5. My Jack Russell/Rat Terrier Mix named, Maddie